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February 27 2020

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d&d character backstories

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I… I would follow him to the ends of the earth..

i would follow him to a garage sale

same thing

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i need both of these now

the reason these exist (iirc) is because peppa pig is banned in china for “promoting gangster attitudes”: peppa was popular (for whatever reason) with “shehuiren” (anti-establishment internet users), who made a lot of memes involving peppa and even got tattoos of her because it’s funny. the result of banning peppa is that shehuiren-types liked peppa even more afterwards, and now she’s a bit of a counterculture symbol in china. hence these shirts.

this is the EXACT kind of knowledge i absolutely had no idea i so badly needed

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This can go either way….

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This is really quite excellent.

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When you see that one person you hate the most

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